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Sidney L. Bursten
2011-A Via Mariposa West, Laguna, CA 92637
Office & Cell: 949-226-7359         Fax: 949-202-5605 


Former IBM Strategy & Planning Leader, ideal for a company that wants
better processes, sound application architecture, and effective change management

Proven IT architect, business-process analyst and manager with CRM, software, hardware and marketing expertise.
Extensive experience leading and directing software development projects in wide variety of industries.  
Specialized in process visualization and improvement, as well as software innovation, especially in areas of data utilization, financial functionality and GUI experience.
Promoted by IBM Global Services to Strategy & Planning Leader of Competency Development for global software outsourcing division.
Proven record of management, developing strong hands-on leadership teams, and leading large organizations of people to meet company goals.
Experienced in product management, project management, marketing and administration.
University degree: MBA (Richmonds University, London, England, 1980)

Professional  Experience

National business-process consulting firm specializing in medium-sized  manufacturing and distribution companies
Senior Consultant
Principal for IT and software development. Specialist in process reengineering, organizational structure, and transition & transformation.

GRAY MATTER CONSULTANTS, Baltimore. MD and Laguna, CA, 2000 - Present
Computer- and management-consulting company serving clients on a corp-to-corp basis (often while simultaneously holdingmajor position in other non-copetitive firms)
Executive Consultant
Consultant for a number of companies on process improvement, systems development, IT architecture and marketing. Clients include two technology startups, a building contractor and healthcare company. Current and recent clients:
Orange County software-development company
Giant marine terminal at Port of Los Angeles
Multi-state building subcontractor
Senior Consultant and Principal for IT and software development at Group50 Competitive Business Consulting. Specialist in process reengineering, organizational structure, and transition & transformation.

NEIGHBORCARE, INC., Fountain Valley. CA and Baltimore. MD, 1996 - 2005
National chain of institutional pharmacies with $2.7 billion in revenues
Principal Software Engineer
Designied complete financial system for pharmacies serving 250,000 patients in nursing homes and other institutional settings through 80 regional pharmacies.
Created system capable of generating correct charges for any brand or generic prescription, durable medical equipment or supply item      based on contracts with both institutions and health-insurance/government programs               
Automatically adjusted all billed invoices to reflect expected actual reimbursement, so A/R numbers always accurately represented true dollar value net of discounts taken arbitrarily by payors.
Designed a flexible, object-oriented claims mechanism so each payor could be billed with an individualized form, either on paper or electronically.
Led programmer and QA teams of up to six internal and up to eight outside contractors working on coding.
Managed integration of industry data (drug and supply specifications, pricing, drug interactions, patient education, etc.) received as flat files into objects upon which all operations of the pharmacy depended
Started in California with HealthObjects Corporation (later acquired by NeighborCare), transferred with COO and two others to Baltimore in 1998, and led initial expansion to what ultimately became a development and support team of over 125 people. Left to expand horizons as technology consultant in 1999, but rehired as consultant in late 2003. Subsequently rejoined staff as Principal Software Engineer and IT architect until NeighborCare was taken over by largest competitor in late 2005, and the NeighborCare Technology Center was closed down.

Largest division in IBM, with annual revenues in excess of $40 billion.
Strategy & Planning Leader of competency development, global software outsourcing division with headcount of about 30,000 people
Senior Consultant/IT Architect, Customer Relations Management Practice
As Strategy & Planning Leader:
Acted as overall project manager for 120-person team, maintaining centralized workbooks to monitor all budgets and personnel allocations to projects.
Coordinated and advised managers of the seven major competency areas: Methodology, Systems, Architecture, Metrics, Intellectual Capital Reuse, Tools and Transition & Transformation.
Developed process analyses and methodologies to enhance engagement team performance.
Audited architecture to ensure plans met business objectives.
Created documentation and presentations to support and justify expenditure.
As Senior Consultant/IT Architect:
Member of global architecture team for worldwide rollout of IBM's Siebel CRM deployment.
Designed specifications for interfacing with legacy systems and central geo/enterprise data stores.
Designed change-request process for large, multi-team development project at power and gas retailer.
Mentored IBM developers in graphical workflow mapping to improve development of global transaction hub for order processing among all IBM divisions across all countries.

ALBION INTERNATIONAL, INC., Atlanta, GA, 1999-2000
Nationwide consulting company with staff of more than 100, specializing in custom development for the telecom, banking and government sectors
Forté Consultant/Internet Architect
Architect and process-flow designer, Oracle database schema develope and overall designer of an internet bank's first in-house, web-based program to receive and process new-account applications.
Created high-transaction-load system with high-availability features such as rollover, failover and load balancing.
Developed all interfaces to legacy and external systems, including credit bureaus, on-line banking system, credit-card imprinting company, and credit-card billing system.
Wrote numerous embedded SQL queries to drive the system, and was primary for data extraction, debugging and quality control.

Developers of the premier software for infusion pharmacies, the first to support home-infusion practice on PCs
Product Manager for the Specialized Clinician product line, and Senior Developer (The Specialized Clinician product line, then and now the market leader, was written in VP-Info, a database language co-developed by Mr. Bursten.)
Planned and implemented all product enhancements and extensions, promotion and direction of all development and customer-support staff.
Spearheaded all financial and billing systems development in the Specialized Clinician.
Reengineered the paper-claims-printing system, achieving up to 100x performance increases.
Developed and coded the electronic-claims creation and management system.
Wrote all system extensions to allow multiple companies to share a single system, thus allowing a single pharmacy to manage and bill on behalf of multiple practice groups while maintaining integrated production.

Previous positions include:

Product Manager, Vice President and President, Sub Rosa Corporation, Winnipeg and Minneapolis
Developer of VP-Info, a database language that in the late 80s was one of Top Ten business software titles in the U.S.
President and Publisher, Target Market Corporation et al., Winnipeg
Newspaper and magazine publishing company.

Continuing Education And Training

Siebel Software - Core Consulting Course, resulting in designation as Certified Siebel Consultant
IBM - Experienced Consulting Course and Workshop
IBM - Project Management Fundamentals
IBM - Course and mentored engagement in advanced process analysis using IBM DesignFlow
IBM - Consulting in IBM Global Services
Forté Software - Developing N-Tier Applications in Forté TOOL Language
ParcPlace Software - Developing Applications in Visual Works Smalltalk

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