Professional Recommendations
 . . . for work as Principal Software Engineer/Architect at NeighborCare Inc.

“Sid is a great individual. Sid worked within my organization at NeighborCare and was instrumental in a number of key projects successes. Sid is a dedicated employee with a strong work ethic. I would not hesitate to hire him again if the opportunity arose.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Walt Meffert, former Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO), NeighborCare Inc.
(joined NeighborCare in 2004)

“Sid is very motivated and enthusiastic about the work he does. He works hard to understand the nuances, challenges and benefits of problem sets and is very capable of translating that knowledge for his audience. Sid is most useful in holding and forming the big picture of very complicated projects. The complexities of large systems are easily lost in the details and require many of the talents that come naturally to Sid for successful implementation.”
Ron Teitelbaum, former Principal Software Engineer, NeighborCare Inc.
(worked directly with Sid at NeighborCare Inc.)

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Sid at Neighborcare Pharmacy and found him to have a work ethic that is rarely seen these days. His integrity is refreshing at a time when political correctness is more in demand than honesty. I would recommend Sid to anyone looking for someone with the drive to bring in a project on time and on target."
Robert Long, former Engineering Support Coordinator, NeighborCare Inc.
(Managed Sid indirectly at NeighborCare, Inc.)

“Sid's customer orientation along with his dedication to business integrity was an asset to our entire team. Whether the project at hand is a critical production issue, design of new functionality, or the re-engineering of an entire process, Sid can be relied on to maintain focus on comprehensive analysis and outcomes that exceed expectations.”
Meg Knuth, former Support Manager, inTelli.Rx, NeighborCare Inc.
(worked directly with Sid at NeighborCare Inc.)

“Sid is a pro-active and detail oriented business analyst with extensive knowledge of financial processes and the pharmaceutical industry. With an engaging and affable personal approach to gathering requirements for software systems to support business processes, he often initiated, was responsible for, and completed analysis and requirements gathering necessary for software development.”
Carl Watts, former Senior Software Developer, NeighborCare Inc.
(worked directly with Sid at NeighborCare Inc.)

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