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Hourly Rates
Short Duration/ Intermittent
Duration / Contract Discount
Duration / Contract Discount
Duration / Contract Discount
Billed Rate
3-5 Month Contract Discount  &
 Hourly Rate
6-11 Month Contract Discount  &
 Hourly Rate
12+ Month Contract Discount  &
 Hourly Rate
Sidney L. Bursten
20 %  (Discounted Rate:  $140)
30 %  (Discounted Rate: $130 )
40 %  (Discounted Rate: $120)

Project Acceptance & Expenses:
Requires a Statement of Work / Contractual Agreement execution, including reasonable travel, meals and hotel expenses

Project & Payment Terms:
Fees paid on an hourly basis for each hour worked; daily minimum eight hours except on travel days.
Service skills will be provided on-site or by telecommuting. Normal workweek is four days, 40 - 50 hours. Door-to-door travel time in excess of 8 hours per week is charged at half the contractual hourly rate.
Payment schedule agreed upon (weekly/biweekly/semi-monthly), net seven business days after invoice submission

Full-Time Employment Terms
Standard executive package with appropriate benefits, full relocation if required, and bonus schedule based on performance achievements. Minimum one-year no-cut contract with four-months severance thereafter.

Sidney L. Bursten, 949-226-7359, or cell 949-357-9080 ( to retain the required skills needed to successful meet your corporate directives, on time and within budget

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