How much does your company lose
through poor business processes and ineffective software?
Aside from rare exceptions, most companies waste thousands of dollars a year for every employee due to non-optimized processes.
As a consultant to dozens of companies over the years, with an MBA enhanced by specialized training while at IBM and other companies, I bring enormous ROI to any enterprise that's serious about maximizing profit while, at the same time, improving customer satisfaction.
Here are the experience, skills and capacities to help your company get more out of its assets, workers and investment dollars.
Combining an enterprise view with effective process-analysis methodologies, I specialize in making sure that projects really solve actual business problems and deliver substantial, quantifiable results, on time and within budget.
Focusing on business requirements and business processes, every project today should have one and only one ultimate objective: the make the company money by reducing costs, increasing revenue or both.
The following links show you how to put this focus onto your development teams.
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Whether you use my focus and skills at the grassroots level or at the overall direction-setting and focus level, you'll find virtually immediate positive results. As process evangelist, mentor, teacher and leader, I inspire a profit-oriented approach to IT development throughout my teams.  
And since I've done it all, from developing a commercial computer language to inventing new ways of solving corporate accounting problems, from coding to full-system architecture, from team sizes of one up to thousands, I command the respect of my peers and reports.
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