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History of VP-Info & SharkBase, commercially successful database languages co-written by Sid Bursten, and FoxPro, the major competitive product now published by Microsoft

Catalogixx LLC website of company Sid Bursten serves as interrim CEO based on his patented invention (2007) of the VariCat System, a comprehensive software system for unleashing CRM data from client databases to increase direct marketing responses and sales through automated product selection and customized mail-order catalog creation

Sid Bursten's LinkedIn network page

Group50 Competitive Business Consulting, for which Sid Bursten serves as Senior Consultant and Principal of its Information Technology practice

Recent News

Patent Issued For Catalogixx Customized Marketing Software, July 24, 2007
VPiColor was started in 2002 by Ron Agronin and Sid Bursten. ... Catalogixx CEO Sid Bursten touts the system as one which will ôrevolutionize how companies ...
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